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Instrucţiuni de utilizare al modulul de integrare în timp real cu Fan Courier

15 Aprilie 2015
Modulul de integrare cu Fan Courier este gata! Platforma Seliton integrează serviciile de expediție ale Fan Courier, starea livrărilor putând fi...


Dată: 28 August 2014

Praktiker construiește celui mai mare " do it yourself " e- magazin cu Seliton



The retail chain for technical and household equipment Praktiker chose to tust the e-commerce platform Seliton for construction of the largest online "do it yourself" store in Bulgaria. It is now available at Praktiker-online.bg, where you can find over 5 500 products from the company`s portfolio. The store features a stylish design, user friendly interface and unique functionality made specifically for the needs of Praktiker`s customers. All products, regardless of their type and size, can be purchased with a few clicks only. The innovative online store was launched with a special 10% discount for the first 100 customers. The site also includes categories for special offers and sellout items, where you can benefit from  

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