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Instrucţiuni de utilizare al modulul de integrare în timp real cu Fan Courier

15 Aprilie 2015
Modulul de integrare cu Fan Courier este gata! Platforma Seliton integrează serviciile de expediție ale Fan Courier, starea livrărilor putând fi...


Dată: 26 August 2014

Noua farmacie online Farma.bg folosește Seliton. 

Farma.bg impresionează printr-o gamă largă de peste 10 000 de produse din categoria suplimentelor nutriționale, produselor naturale. medicamentelor, cosmeticelor etc...


Especially for our client Pharma Online Ltd we have created a stylish design that remains functional on all mobile devices using adaptive (responsive) design. We have developed totally new marketing tools and improved the existing ones in Seliton such as reviews system, options for creating a survey, boxes which automatically show similar products purchased by other clients, additional tabs in product details, all managed from the admin panel of the software.


We have facilitated and simplified the ordering process and have developed a loyalty program particullary for this kind of business.


We are proud that with our responsibility and diligence we gave start to a very complex project, that started promising and continues to gain popularity on the Bulgarian market.

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